The Bristol Cable

The Bristol Cable is shaking up local journalism, reporting on the stories behind the headlines and putting Bristolians in charge of their media.  

No barons or hedge-funds, we are powered by over 2,000 members who all have a say and own an equal share in their media co-operative. This means we publish stories that matter to the public not big business, uncovering wrongdoing and injustice in our city as well as diverse voices and compelling ideas. “

I joined the Bristol Cable soon after it’s inception five years ago, a good decision.  We had our AGM last Monday (Oct14th) and over 200 people turned out, around 10% of the membership.  Some new directors were confirmed and a good time was had by all.

Our first sister media site and paper was launched recently – The Manchester Meteor.

Amongst many other great pieces of journalism Bristol Cable has carried out an investigation into slavery in Bristol and has followed up recently.


By Chris Miller

I live in Bristol, UK. I make things out of cloth, plywood, paper and other things. Sometimes I make prints.

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