I decided to get to grips with multi-colour lino printing, starting with reduction print, It happened that the Folk House in Bristol was offering a weekend course in January in just this so I signed up.

The Folk House is a long standing entertainment and adult education venue and seems to be flourishing. It’s right in the centre of Bristol just off Park Street, has a great cafe and excellent live music as well as several classrooms and dedicated art and craft rooms.

The course was full with just six of us, Kerry Day, the tutor guided us gently through the basics of linocut and we used real lino rather than vinyl. After a fine lunch in the cafe we soon got to the printing stage – four colours and we had to decide as a group due to space/time pressures.

I managed to finish one linocut on the first day and a test piece. The sencond day I made a second lino and again made five, four colour prints.

My prints are nothing special but I really enjoyed myself and was reminded that practice and participation are the way to go. An excellent weekend.