A poem for older children

When the wind blows

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MixPly Self-Assembly Toys


The Bristol Cable

The Bristol Cable is shaking up local journalism, reporting on the stories behind the headlines and putting Bristolians in charge of their media.  

No barons or hedge-funds, we are powered by over 2,000 members who all have a say and own an equal share in their media co-operative. This means we publish stories that matter to the public not big business, uncovering wrongdoing and injustice in our city as well as diverse voices and compelling ideas. “

I joined the Bristol Cable soon after it’s inception five years ago, a good decision.  We had our AGM last Monday (Oct14th) and over 200 people turned out, around 10% of the membership.  Some new directors were confirmed and a good time was had by all.

Our first sister media site and paper was launched recently – The Manchester Meteor.

Amongst many other great pieces of journalism Bristol Cable has carried out an investigation into slavery in Bristol and has followed up recently.




It’s not unusual for me to take the scissors to a fabric work in progress but I rarely hack away half in one go.  But sometimes it just has to be done.  Anyone who has ever made anything knows the feeling – it’s just not working – but a frequent sin is to fall in love with ones own work, or perhaps just not be able to see where it’s going wrong.  I suppose that’s what editors are for.


Afghan Wedding quilt, work in progress
Laser-cut plywood


Narrowboat, self-assembly toy, 210mm

Another addition to the fleet, soon to be on sale with the rest at Basically Wooden – MixPly.



Just mono-printed and then stitched (quilted) some tiles for a larger piece of quilting.  I got a bit carried away and made 20 +, here are some.  The images seem to have suffered during upload!

Poppies 1