Working on a steampunk design for a helicopter, I have struggled the last few days to get a look that will translate to plywood.  The devil really is in the detail.  My plywood laser-cut toys are plain and unadorned but steampunk is not about clean lines.

Circle grid window

I spent a while this morning drawing this window in the style of an old diving helmet, here as a .png file (WordPress won’t allow vector files, if anyone wants a copy let me know and I will send).

Affinity Designer is perfectly adequate for 2D drawing like this.


WordPress ‘improvements’ – Gutenberg

I am writing this using the ‘classic’ WordPress editor, which has a column on the left of the screen showing all the areas I can work in, and a column on the right showing the things I can do before publishing.  It all works well and I don’t have to search around for features.

The latest ‘improved’ editor has something called ‘blocks’, whose container must be clicked on to become accessible.  There is no longer a left column and the Publish area is reduced and lacking Categories and Tags which were previously visible and are now hidden.

I (and I should think many others) will be using the classic editor for as long as it is available.  See WP Tweaks, for example, and the negative comments from experienced users.


Starting a new blog

After doing nothing much with my old blog – Mixdacrete – for about a year I decided to try a new one, using a name I had tried before but not published.  Mixdactete was set up as part of my MA course at UWE, and as that completed this summer I have put it to bed.

As most bloggers must know the first difficulty is choosing a theme, so after a certain amount of hair pulling I have started out with the ‘Blogger’ theme, but of course this might change.  I have paid to have a ‘premium’ blog and hopefully this will prove a good investment.