Festival Season

After such a long break – I did manage one festival last year, lovely Lindisfarne – it is great to be planning a whole season of fun. Also been several months since I put anything on this blog for the few followers who see it.

I’ve stuck to several small festivals and three of these are short journeys from Bristol, trying to keep the milage as low as I can.

The highlight of my Summer will be Green Gathering which is at Chepstow overlooking the River Severn on a beautiful, spacious estate; lots of music and some politics, lovely people. Not far north of that is El Dorado near Ledbury, another four days of jollity.

Towards the end of the season Lindisfarne – small but perfectly formed – where viking gear is optional but frequently added. This is a longer trip for me but will be part of an extended Autumn jaunt, hopefully.

By Chris Miller

I live in Bristol, UK. I make things out of cloth, plywood, paper and other things. Sometimes I make prints.

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