Short term memory loss…

Spending far too much time reading the media, as I do, it is the short-term outlook that that seems the most striking feature of much of the press.  The endless and permanent demand for novelty (in order to sell stuff?) means that yesterday’s major issue is quickly relegated to the file store, until the subject breaks out again.

Equal Pay Now (apologies to the original film poster for Imitation of Life)

The issue of equal pay for women seems to be much too boring for most of the media but of course it won’t go away.  One story in the news briefly this week concerned a demo in Parliament about Waspi women but women are very seriously disadvantaged in the entire UK pension system.  Pensions are deferred wages, not some gift from the lords and masters.


By Chris Miller

I live in Bristol, UK. I make things out of cloth, plywood, paper and other things. Sometimes I make prints.